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Madam, i sri Sendar Dini, i was born on 1976 at Magi village,Arunachal Pradesh state,In India,so, i one again request you please focus my future and financial in this 2016 as well as coming year. Add comment

iv received a reading from Jenna sum years bk n she was accurate n amazingly she did it for free,people wil do anythng ta Add comment

I have received numerous reading from Jenna and they have all been amazing. The only reason some things were not spot on was because I did not know my birth time, which can have a minor effect on that. It can take up to a week to read someones chart, where as long ago you would have had to wait for a year or more. If she is not responding quickly, it is because she is busy. She is definitely not a scam. Read more

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I want to my business going to be a good Add comment

I disagree with this disgruntled customer. I have gotten good service from Jenna, even thou she wasn't accurate about my sun sign because it's very much on the cusp, she was bang on about many things! Add comment

I have received a reading from Barbara astrologer and I believe it's the same *** as Jenna lol Add comment

Basically my husband paid around $70 and Jenna sent a totally generic reading to him that didn't even match his planets. (Maybe she just uses the same one for everyone, regardless of their chart.) When he wrote to her to let her know and to ask for clarification, there was no reply. I've just reported her as a phishing scam to Google. Here's how to do it: Open your Gmail inbox and click to open the phishing message. Click or tap the “More”... Read more

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i am very disappointed in Jenna astrology. Since she used to answer me regularly but now since sometime i get absolutely no reply to my e-mails.....don't understand and it's not really nice I am very sure her revelations are very interesting to read and very good to know about but when she never replies it is not really customer friendly. What can be done about this situation ? When you have a solution for this i really like to hear about it... Read more

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Shame on you ppl who believe in the predictions of mortal beings. Ppl like Alisha and asha cheat u ppl coz u ppl cheat urself. Honestly, you ppl only wish to hear th good things. Y can’t u all understand that we all are living a life of pain n happiness because of the karmas v hv performed. If u ppl wanna change ur destiny…..then go n feed a hungry dog, water a thirsty tree n be kind to needy. If u tk care of others, the universe will tk care f... Read more

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