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Total Scam. Paid her fee. Did not even list my correct birth date!!! The report was for Spring. I finally received page, after page of BS; all based on my Incorrect Birth Date. BUT the best ruse of all...Received my report at the end of Summer! Not Spring. STAY AWAY !!! Its probably a factory in India w/hundreds of laptops.

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I recently paid for a reading and have yet to receive it, nor has she responded to my emails. I am the fool for believing her ***, but lesson learned and never again! Fool me once... Order reference: 118111 CREDIT CARD The 21/07/2016 at 02:49 ATOLL-ASTRO 33370 YVRAC 1395853 546540----------- 1610 29 001 633851727 M DEBIT @ AUTH: 002493 AMOUNT = 44.49 EUR TICKET TO SAVE This is my receipt. I have repeatedly sent no avail...I... Read more

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I read jeena astro free of cost and her astro was absolutely correct but she never demand any amount.

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I have had free Jenna's reading since 2010 and all her reading was correct according to my experince. She did ask me money but i have never send her any sen because i don't have vissa card. I would pay her if i could have a good acces. Her reading about all the thing that will happend to was true accept my love life.

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It all started 2 years ago when I requested her for a free reading. She repeatedly kept sending me mails and finally persuaded me into asking her a question for which she claimed would provide a precise reading that costed $9 USD i.e Rs. 630 INR. I was foolish to pay her for that worthless report in which she has in no way answered my question. She has been so generic and casual. There are no specific events or dates mentioned. In one word it... Read more

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Madam, i sri Sendar Dini, i was born on 1976 at Magi village,Arunachal Pradesh state,In India,so, i one again request you please focus my future and financial in this 2016 as well as coming year.

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iv received a reading from Jenna sum years bk n she was accurate n amazingly she did it for free,people wil do anythng ta

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I have received numerous reading from Jenna and they have all been amazing. The only reason some things were not spot on was because I did not know my birth time, which can have a minor effect on that. It can take up to a week to read someones chart, where as long ago you would have had to wait for a year or more. If she is not responding quickly, it is because she is busy. She is definitely not a scam. Read more

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I want to my business going to be a good

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