Jenna the Astrologer seems very genuine and caring. She was completely accurate w my readings she gave me for free, for some reason she gave me 3 readings and a tarot reading over a period of months, extremely detailed, insightful, and long.

What she said really ment a lot to me. She was going to tell me more but asked for payment, but I had a question about payment so I emailed her and sent a message on the site, and never heard back. And I couldn't remember the site address so I just googled Jenna the astrologist and I found this site! I'm glad I didn't submit payment which I was just about to do!

But my question is still this, who really is putting the effort in writing all this detailed information for not a whole lot of money to be scammed? I don't get it.

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She's a scam artist. They all are.


So what's the complaint?

You wanted to hear some BS about your life and you got it.

Almaty, Almaty, Kazakhstan #899622

I think Jenna is a bot. You know in astrology it is possible to generate detailed information of yourself basing on your birthday and birth time. I think Jenna is some kind of program that parses some indian terminology to mass.

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