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I Submitted a payment of $49 for reading on 05/ 27/ 2015 and have not heard anything since,despite seveal attempts to contact by email.I persisted with trying to make contact,using an advertisment link,only to find that it landed me on another astrologer s page called Mary.So look out for that name.There was a picture of a female next to the email address.After i sent an email it disappeared,alog with all the history of other emails.

Is there anything that can be done to stop this from continuing? I have traced this website to a man by the name of Alexandre Baronnet SARL ATOLL ABOUTASTRE.COM . Address is 1 ROUTE DE BOURDUX 33550 LE TOURNE FRANCE Jenna does not exost.Research has found this to be a fake website that uses about astro as a domain name,but is not connected in anyway to it.Below is proof o f the transaction. WENDY Hutson Jenna

To Apr 27

Hello again!

This is to let you know that I have now debited your credit card and have started work on your Personal Report and the other items I have promised you.

I have already started working on your Reading and so you will receive all these elements by email within 3 to 4 days time. I will need the these next few days to work on your configuration and fully analyze all of the aspects of your personality.

IMPORTANT - If your email is a web-based email like Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL please make sure that my email address is authorized and in your friendship list because otherwise when I send your Personal Report link it may go straight to your Junk mail file. Some of my clients have had this issue in the past and so I thought I'd just let you know.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CHARGE FOR YOUR FULL READING WILL APPEAR ON YOUR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT FROM MY BANKING COMPANY - "Atoll". It may appear in $ or in EUROS on your statement, according to which banking establishment you are with.

To end with, I again wish to congratulate you on having made this step to changing your life. With this Report you're going to receive you will see your life really can change. If you have any questions or queries about your debit please contact me directly at and I can QUICKLY let you know any other information you may need and answer any payment questions or queries that you may have. I am always here for you and I would love for you to get in touch with me if you have any problems or concerns with anything!

So, speak to you soon and well done! Jenna

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Wendy Hutson I think i have a feeling of anxiety and eagerness.

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Very same just happened to me. It's discusting. I will track down the scammers, but they already know that.

Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania #1239245

I have also made the payment today. If any one has the history of having get cheated like having with drawn additional amount form your bank account


I have tried to write to you Jenna - to you direcked email. You have not answered my mail.

You withdraw eur 44,91.

That was not the deal. Only got day to day as I wrote to you, many days ago

birgitha søndergaard (you got my mailadr.)


Oh dear

I just made the same payment. I had a funny feeling about it and I went back in to my email account to find the original e-mail she sent me and like you it had disappeared.

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